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26 August 2013 @ 09:25 am
I won't be updating normal or anything again but I just started playing a new version of Trickster, it's basically Trickster half way through the Revolution update. Very nostalgic. :) Don't know how long it will last but it's fun to play again.

If you are going to play rTO please feel free to find me in game! I've already seen a lot of familiar characters. A quick googling of "rTO Trickster" will find the server, I don't really want to post links here.
28 February 2013 @ 11:24 pm
Ok last entry! It was very sad yesterday seeing all the people right before the end. ): This is more than the death of a game, it's the death of a community. I know everyone likes to complain "the community sux" but there really were good people on TO and a lot of them were in my guild and I will miss talking to them. I know MSN/Skype but it's really not the same.

This is going to be VERY image heavy. I'M NOT KIDDING THIS IS A LOT OF LARGE PICS.

Getting 400Collapse )

MyCampCollapse )

Spicy DisguisesCollapse )

Blooming CoraCollapse )

Desert BeachCollapse )

Cherry Blossom/Megalopolis Forests/PoppuriCollapse )

Caballa RelicsCollapse )

Oops Wharf/Mermaid DungeonCollapse )

Phantom SchoolCollapse )

Mirage IslandCollapse )

Ghost Blue/Nora SewerCollapse )

Rose Garden/Event Garden/VampCollapse )

Black SwampCollapse )

Dev Room/Episode 6Collapse )

Snow HillCollapse )

Techichi VolcanoCollapse )

Tapasco Volcano/Tapasco Theme SpaCollapse )

AbyssCollapse )

Chaos TowerCollapse )

Harkon ProtectionCollapse )

Egg Shop SetsCollapse )

Other HatsCollapse )

Free GM ShitCollapse )

RandomnessCollapse )

Final MomentsCollapse )

So that's it i guess. I'll miss the game, the community, my guild, everyone, thank you. Except SGI I hate you for closing and giving up on a game with so much potential. ]: AND FUCK YOU GAME GUARD.

Contacting me off Trickster:

Skype: samantha22380

Gaia Online: http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/rydiachacha/79823/

GGFTW: Rydia: http://ggftw.com/forum/members/rydia.html (I don't know how often I will check this after some time)
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27 January 2013 @ 01:52 pm
When I saw the announcement, I couldn't believe it but at the same time...I could. The past 6 months have been pretty awful. People have always said this game sucks, its going downhill etc. but this past 6 months was the first time I really saw it myself. Game guard and the GMs apparent lack of ability to fix glitches killed whatever chance this game had to survive any longer.

I'm not ashamed to say I am very sad, I even cried a little bit when I first read it. This game has gotten me through some hard times and was a sorta escape for me. I've met a lot of really great people and had a lot of good times and I'm really going to miss logging on.

This entry isn't going to be anything fancy.

Starting memories.

When I first discovered Trickster, there was no english version or even any information of an english version that I could find all I had was a picture of the cat character.

I gave up on it and basically forgot about it until some time later I saw a banner I think on another site about this games open beta or whatever. I was so excited! I was like THIS IS THAT CAT GAME!! I didn't play MMOs but I thought I might give it a shot because of how damn adorable it looked. I was set to go on a trip with my family the first week it was coming out, but as soon as I came back I started to play and I made my cat.

First I made a HV cat Rydia<3 because I had read that what was "best" and since I was a noob what the hell did I know? I made it to about Ghost Blue(for level 20s back then) before I decided Galder throw sucked and I wanted to go AP. This is when *Rydia* was born and would remain my main character.

I want to talk about my Flamberge a little bit now, sure right now its a 7k AP Crimson sword but once upon a time my flamberge was this.

(lmao 0 stars for real.....)

I remember when I got it, a guildmate Jeony gave it to me for free and I had promised to give them a better dragon blade if I found one...well I never did. At first I thought this sword was ugly as hell but it really grew on me. :< For a while, I switched over to the duckling hammer as my main weapon skin but...I'm glad I switched back this past year. This sword reminds me of the good old days. Even if some of those good old days were filled with rage over Marx breaking it 4849 times trying to get to level 10. q_q

Ok but moving on....

For years I basically played *Rydia* most of the time, I did all my digging, bossing, grinding everything was on this cat.

One of the earliest memories with my cat were at the Tut boss room, people drilling for Craft Berets and waiting for the bosses to spawn...it was always pretty packed. Then when the Tuts spawned it was basically chaos, I would be a jerk and throw my galder throw when I saw the red bar was almost gone. ]: Well I got a lot of seals that way.

I have a lot of good memories digging with my cat, most of the money I made back then was from digging...after the patch I would be on every 2 weeks or so digging and double(channel hopping) digging Adamanties, Ori-Harkon, Phantom School Quest items, Custom and Craft equipments. I remember on my quest for a 3 slot Shishak digging at Count Blood...then digging for Armets and Mitras at the Queen boss room. I remember one night I found both a 3 slot Armet and a 3 slot Mitra, it was like my biggest achievement haha. And I wore that ugly ass Armet...these were the days before fusion.

Leveling up to 200

Snow 3 was wow, that was such a fantastic map. Afk spots, concentrated monster spawn for every class...this is a map I spent a lot of time on.

Leveling up to 300

Done on various maps, Tap 1, Tap 4, Ice 3, Ice 4....Ice 4 was sorta under rated I think that was my favorite map to grind on back then.

Leveling up to 400?

Coming soon. This game has never really been about leveling up for me so I took the road to 400 at my own snails pace....but now it's time to fucking run I guess. Now or never.

Final Character Shots.


I always felt like foxes were underrated and only used as diggers/compounders but back in the day Stone Strike + Shruiken throw was a pretty cool way to grind. I was first inspired to make a fox from seeing the foxes grinding at Bugbears looong ago. For a long time it was just my cat and my fox so she is a pretty important character for me, before second job cats were boring and weak as fuck let me tell you. I have a lot of good memories playing on her.

These days with her guardian, she is one of my strongest characters and probably one of the ones I put the least effort into...I mean fuck her pet is from like 2008. Foxes are strong.


My second sheep but my first serious sheep, she started out as Wind/Water/Dark and has since changed to Fire/Electric/Dark. I wish I had gone soul master on her but oh well, as my first real sheep experience it was pretty amazing for me to see how much easier the game was with some AOE....it was like damn what the hell have I been missing?



iRydia was my first character on a second account...something I never wanted to do because of all the myshop I had on my first account it just felt like such a waste. I was hopelessly waiting for more character slots that never came. ]: I made her because Divas looked sorta fun but...it wasn't really. But damn I made her cute and that's what really matters right?


Renamed Glindaa to match with my sheep Elpbahaa from Wicked, my first Soul Master and...well not much to say but I enjoyed playing her and I was working on getting her to 275 for a new staff. Wind + Water was my first element so it was nice to go back to that.


MrRydia I consider to be my second main, he basically renewed my love for this game and with him for the first time I actually felt strong haha. Buffalos are so god damn overpowered but I really had a lot of fun with him, making him cute, confusing people into thinking I was a guy, chi + berserking everything. Good times. ):



Elphabaa named for Elphaba from the musical Wicked was mostly just...I wanted to dress a sheep up like Elphaba. I had entertained the thought of power leveling for level up boxes but I'm lazy and it never happened. She's cute.


Snickerdooodle was level 90ish for a long time, I had planned to sort of keep her as a low level character just for fun but when fast track came I decided to screw it and level her up for Chaos Tower and to be Swamp Mine PQ afker to farm those sweet feathers. I didn't really get to use her as much as I would have liked.


Rumbleroar named for a character in the parody Harry Potter musical. I kept saying I was going to make a lion probably for like...2 years. So I finally made him! I'm not 100% happy with his look, 3rd job lion fashion was pretty ass and I was always hoping we would get more....but yeah. Regardless, I had a lot of fun with him and shooting things.



Named after my favorite musical character, Javert was basically made to be an AFKer for Swamp Mine PQ to help people/farm feathers with Snickerdooodle. I never really had an interest in playing a Raccoon mostly I just wanted to dress him up.


My newest character, name for Sansaa from the Game of Thrones series...I didn't get to do much with her and was in the process of getting a Legendary Guardian. I was about half way through card IDing so...now I guess her egg is just going to be with her until the end.

WinterIsComing...I just wanted to take the name. No plans to make a dragon.

I've already talked about this game so much in this journal, so I'm not really sure what is left to say. This is getting long.

Since I have stopped updating the only major change has been Harkon Protection, Vicksy was bugging and bugging me to come and finally I gave in and went and liked it so much I have basically been going since the summer. It's been one of the things keeping me positive about this game, I met a lot of really nice people and it was fun to work as a team in something. The upcoming Harkon update was something I was really looking forward to so it's just another blow that I won't ever be able to try it out.

My first time getting the Harkon Protection title, it meant I got the most "points" killing monsters and killing Chronos.

I wish I had taken more screen shots, but I just haven't been taking many at all lately. :/ I'll try to take some more before the end.

I'm gonna butcher these names but whatever you know who you are.

Thank you Vicksy, CaramelCustard, Idleness, Wind, EvDry...what was your name you buffalo ;o;, Loy, Panz, Melina, NinjaSheep, Type69, Deeta, StarryKitsune and everyone else I met at Harkon, it was blast.

People who have been keeping me going, Zaylia, Dussty, Flareen, Protoshot, Borricua, Ritisha basically my whole guild I'm really gonna miss logging on every day and seeing you all. ):

Even though you've basically quit, I want to <3 you guys too Gaen, Perrin, Legend, MagicHobo, Towman, MinaQ, Ark, AuntJemima, BossBait, LiquidAlucard, Hawnee, Ein, LordHart, Ken I'm probably forgetting a million people.

Thank you people who ordered from my Sprite shop, I really had a lot of fun making the sprites for you I'm going to miss that too. I hope you will keep the sprites as a memento to this game. ):

Sprtie Gallery

GM_Raven, thanks for hooking me up with a Guild Emblem and keeping me updated on the guild stuff...

Thank you Trickster artists for making such a fucking adorable game. I want to go through and just Screen Shot all my favorite parts of all the maps, there are so many small adorable details in this game I love...maybe I will do that later.

So finally if you ever wanted a glance at my items, here are all my fucking items. Probably 98% of them. Some stuff is probably hiding on a mule somewhere or I messed up a screenshot but I'm not going to take the time to look for everything. I'm really unorganized its a wonder I ever got anything done. I'm sad I won't be able to continue my quest to collect fuses...

Storage 1

Storage 2


Equip 1

Equip 2

Stray Pets



Myshop 1

Myshop 2

I'm probably forgetting stuff but...whatever. I'm sad and this sucks. The end for now. I will update again when I get 400 and probably post random screen shots + mycamp.
07 June 2012 @ 07:18 am
Cute name for my Guardian. :D

The Dice event gave out tons of free Elixirs/Anvils so that was really cool, I'm in the process of comping a ton my of stuff that I needed to...except for on my main account because I got a 7677. So that fucking sucks. It's not an IP 7677 because it's only on one of my accounts so that means I got gifted myshop from someone who had a 7677. DIRTY MYSHOP. ):

Gacha new mycamps~

This fancy ass chair, I can't sit in it for some reason.

Levi Doll!

Marion Doll!

I managed to get the Marion pet but that Aardvark(????) sofa did not want to come out so I didn't want to waste a bunch more coins. I KNOW YOU GACHA. Not even that cute so not worth all the coins. NO.

I never posted my Tenterpaws doll, the whole reason I tried to place in the Pop event...

I didn't even realize you could sit on this bath until someone else did it, haha so gross.

Annnnnd I never posted I got a Vanessa pet, most expensive pet to date.

Now I just need Nagging Ghoooooost. q.q

I sorta had to break from levling my Lion and new sheep cause...I need CF 215s. A lot of them. The fucking 220 cat equips are BITCH to temper I swear I went over 150 feathers and couldn't even get an OK temper on 2 stats at once on my accessory? And I mean I didn't even get a good temper on ONE stat that often, they hate me. u_u So I'm gonna need to slave at the mine for a while...and those monsters are tough. Guard breaker god damn. Swamp mine needs to have no level cap.

I probably would have skipped cat boxes all together had I known first job character boxes would be back!! THEY SAID FINAL RUN GOD. But whatever I'm gonna try to get some, my Diva needs an innerwear bad. They only brought back the more expensive DX boxes so I'm gonna be broke as hell if I can find some sellers....

I got an Elsa pet for my Diva too, big ass animation is sorta annoying. ]:

But the back of her head is so fluffy and cute lol.

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27 April 2012 @ 03:49 pm

I bought tons of other useless things and some not so useless. I am actually working on stats now, that's weird? It's Chaos's Towers fault.

I bought an Altiverse hat for 500m and then LOST IT. Seriously idk if I npced it or dropped it but its fucking gone. LOL WHOOPS.

And since my cat finally has a new sword, still a work in progress but I actually got a good comp...

I made a new look! It's old school, I like it very much. Sweat drop mask for no glasses. :D

And I changed my sheep Rydiaaa to Glindaa. So now she matches Elpbahaa!

My lion, I just want to rant about how butt ugly 3rd job Lion Fashion is. REALLY. These vomit colors make it very difficult to be cute. ):

I'll probably end up doing all white but I'll decide for sure when I get to 200. q.q

Besides being ugly my lion is fun, and I have some pretty awesome equips for him at 200/210. :D

They've been doing boss events this month, they have been fun, Karan has been nice to me. I got 3 hats and 1 Pearl Pistol. Of course the boss I can't go to will drop things for me, this is how it works. I wish they would do them monthly. It's fun to have everyone running around dying like crazy.

I forgot to mention this, it happened shortly after I got banned and it was so nice, I blocked their name but yeah, so nice. ): <3

And here's something funny...the thing that happened last time I got banned? Buying a pet from someone who was hacked? Original owner comes back and blames me? IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I can't make this shit up.

But this time I wasn't afk and told them I just bought a damn pet and how was I suppose to know they were hacked? Someone else hacked them. They seemed to believe me and I don't think they reported it. Idek...

I'll end with some random shit.

New item girl!


And wtf this Jen hat is giving the evil eye.

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21 March 2012 @ 03:42 am
I went and unlocked all my old entries, it made me sad sorta because I used to have a lot of fun updating this but now I'm one of those cynical I hate everything people. Not just because I got banned, another reason I'll get into later maybe after I get an official reply.

What happened since I got unbanned? Well the economy is fucked to shit, idk how else to say it. But the Chaos Tower is cool, I like it a lot. Money, experience and awesome equips.

Having a hard time keeping up with new pets and fuses, hard to find sellers and when I do I have to pay out the ass. Which I guess it doesn't even matter because galder is so ridiculously easy to get.

I finally made my lion, his name is Rumbleroar. He's cute I wish I could stay first job forever. But I know he will need a cape. ):

And a Poppuri event.

I just got back from out of town so I really haven't had time to do it, but even if I was home I have a feeling I would have been just as demotivated. 400 boxes is a lot and the prizes are the same prizes as the past like...3 times? I don't know maybe I'm still burnt out from last event or I'm just really bored. It seems like most of the community would agree as we only have half of the hunter boxes we need to get the prizes with less than 24 hours left. This will be the first Poppuri event we have failed since the first one maybe.

Maybe my next entry will be happier lol.
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06 January 2012 @ 02:54 am
Ok well I got unbanned but I don't really feel like updating this for now. I don't know when or of I will get back into it. Getting banned sort of killed my motivation to want to update this.

I will unlock all my old entries eventually when I am really bored.

Thanks everyone for all their support, I really appreciated it. :)
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09 November 2011 @ 01:20 pm
Well fuck, I got banned from Trickster. On both my main and my Buffalo account. This happened September 28th, I only told a handful of people because idk call me crazy I was sort of optimistic it would be sorted out in a timely manner. But now it's been almost two months and what the hell, I'll tell anyone who wants to know. I have nothing to hide.

So here's the part where I explain what happened, to the best of my knowledge anyway. Basically, xWildpunch reported me.

What is he talking about? About a week earlier he had sold me a Tenterpaws pet. Yes, he SOLD ME, IN A LEGIT TRANSACTION, A PET. I PAID HIM. I gifted him the book. So now I'm thinking he wants to back because I got it for a good price. Anyway, at this point I don't really know. Later that day, BAM. I'm banned.

Obviously it was this report because Rydiaa and MrRydia are on the two accounts that were banned. So I write in, with my info, explain both accounts are mine, ask why I got banned and some additional info explaining what happened with xWildpunch. After about 3 weeks waiting I get this.

Account ID Rydia has been deemed high risk but SG Interactive representative, due to the act of purposefully and willingly attempting to obtain account information of other accounts. Through IP records, we have been able to ascertain the account Rydia has accessed accounts other than those of which they are not the registered user, and removed items from another player’s account.

You agree that you may not access or use the Services to:

Attempt to harvest (in an automated manner or otherwise) or collect any information about others, including e-mail addresses, or use such information to send unsolicited emails, nor attempt to get a password, other Account information, or other private information from a user of any of the Services

Accessing accounts of which you are not the registered user is a gross violation of our Terms of Use and will not be tolerated at any time.

I ask for more clarification.

Hello Rydia,

An account reported a compromise in which items were removed from their account and transferred to another account. Through investigation and IP research, we have been able to ascertain that of the three accounts involved in the situation, two of them were coming from your usual access point. The accessing account then obtained items used for fusing and gifted the enhanced items to two accounts, yours and an alternate account I have reason to believe is also yours although falsified account information was supplied at the time of registration. The act of willingly and deliberately taking items from another player, whether you were the one who directly logged into the account, or simply involved in the theft by secondary means is strictly against the terms of use. As such, both accounts Rydia and the alternate I believe to be yours have been permanently restricted. Thank you.

So there it is. They think I hacked this guy and stole his pet. Here is what I think happened. xWildPunch isn't a complete idiot. I'm looking at my Screen Shots and it just so happened I had taken Screen Shots of the entire conversation about buying the TenterPaws. I did this because I was going to gift a book and if he was gonna scam me I wanted proof. I always do this. Here they are.


I was away from the computer when xWildPunch PMed me so when I come back he is gone, but KeenzinhO is online. I figure they are the same person because they worded their question the same. Here is where I made my initial offer to him to buy the pet after he asks me.

After this I tell him I need to do some surveys on the website so that I can gift him an Erin's Book. So I do, surveys while he goes and plays a video game or something.



Just talking about the Survey...


KeenzinhO tells me to gift to xWildpunch to purchase the pet.


xWildpunch telling me to gift the book.

So now I'm thinking this KeenzinhO guy is probably the real "hacker" I ask about it on GGFTW and a guildmate of xWildPunch tells me KeenzinhO is his cousin/brother. SO THAT'S IT. He shared with his cousin/brother, got ripped off and had no idea. Sees that I had gifted the book and assumes I did it. He reports me. I'm banned.

This is pretty much it, I don't know what IP evidence they have but it's fucking wrong. Do IPs somehow get crosses/mixed with an account you gift an item to? I don't know. I just know I didn't do it.

The trade for the Tenterpaws contained 250m galder, why would I pay for a pet I was stealing? I wouldn't. If they saw I got the Tenterpaws they must have seen xWildPunch got 250m galder. Or actually I guess I'm not even sure what account I traded for the pet. Could have been KeenzinhO. I don't remember.

I was pretty upset, I'll admit I even cried when it happened. It's almost two months later now and I'm still sad about it, but more frustrated at this point. It's just crazy to suddenly have something that you spent so much time and effort on, something you really care about suddenly just taken from you. I've played Trickster for 5 years and now it's gone. I don't need the "Oh it's just a game" so please don't tell me that.

If I don't get my accounts back yes I am quitting. Why would I want to start again when they could just ban me? I'm high risk after all. And I wouldn't want to start over. I worked hard to get where I was.

I sent in an e-mail explaining all of this. I don't know if they will reconsider my case. All I can do is wait.

If you want to talk to me PM me on GGFTW, I'm Rydia. Comments disabled.
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28 September 2011 @ 03:18 pm





Episode 6 is coming!!

I got my Tenterpaws boxes for winning the Poppuri event...I go through 9 boxes and no Tenter Doll. I'm about to kill someone. AND THEN. TENTERPAWS DOLL APPEARS god thank you all that work wasn't for nothing. T_T And yeah, I didn't get the pet of course lol. Buuuuut I bought it! For 250m + my book which I think isn't bad. :D

And some other events like getting a guardian for a prize, like a 210 head accessory which is a pretty good prize. D: I don't have any SC 16 right now though so I don't think I'll have time to do this event....maybe. :/

Plus an event for getting the 3rd job for some free fashion + rerelease of Icarus! I'm finally gonna go 3rd on my 2nd sheep because of this event and get some free Fashion. :D She has been stuck in a 2nd job hell because I didn't know what to do with her, I finally decided Soul Master though. Also going to make her match my Elphabaa sheep the next time a Reidentifier comes out! SHE'LL BE GLINDAA and cute. I hope they put it for sale soon. q.q

Another mushroom girl box...and I have not seen anyone wearing the pet. Not one person. I don't think many people are buying this box...idk why they didn't release the cat girl one instead. Mushrooms are stupid. >:[ So yeah I have a feeling this pet is going to be a pain in the ass.
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